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FIIL Audio

Full Lineup of FIIL Audio Products Launch In the United States

August 1, 2017

FIIL audio products are available beginning today, Aug. 1.

There’s a new audio brand in the United States. FIIL hopes to push the envelope on audio quality and technology.

At launch, FIIL offers a full product range, including over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear wireless headphones.

The FIIL IICON Over-Ear features active noise canceling (ANC) capabilities and a built-in sensor for smart touch controls.

FIIL’s On-Ear collection includes the CANVIIS and CANVIIS Pro. Both feature a customized listening experience with FIIL’s patented My Audio Filter (MAF) technology, which offers smart noise adjustment to expand the noise cancellation experience.

The CANVIIS Pro is noted for including advanced features such as 3D Audio, storage for up to 1,000 songs, the ability to listen to many types of lossless audio files, and playback via an integrated HD audio player.

Finally, the FIIL CARAT is an in-ear sport headphone that is sweat, dust, and water-resistant. To guarantee you get the perfect fit, the FIIL CARAT ships with multiple ear hook styles and sizes. This model also counts listeners’ steps and is equipped with a Sport button to deliver workout details, plus a smart magnetic clasp for power control and call management.

IICON is available in black for $349.99. CANVIIS is available in black and white for $249.99 while CANVIIS Pro comes in black and red for $349.99. CARAT comes in black or green for $149.99. You can order each model via the FIIL website and through retailers.

I’ll be receiving a CANVIIS Pro soon and will be publishing a full review in the coming days.

Will you be trying FIIL audio products? Let us know below.