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Find Apple iOS Email Attachments in 4 Easy Steps

April 21, 2016

Do you get a lot of emails with attachments? A secret iPhone option has been uncovered that makes finding those attachments as simple as following four steps.

Finding those attachments

Finding those attachments

Finding those attachments

To find emails with attachments using Apple’s Mail app, follow these steps by WonderHowTo:

Step 1: Open Up Mail

Open up that Mail app of yours with thousands of unread emails.

Step 2: Go to Mailboxes

Head to your main “Mailboxes” view if you’re not there already, then select the “Edit” option in the top right.

Step 3: Select Attachments

In this view, you can see all of the options that you can add or take away from the main Mailboxes view in the Mail app. In our case, we want “Attachments,” so tick that and select “Done” the top tight.


Step 4: View Attachments Only!

After pressing “Done,” you should be automatically redirected to the Mailboxes view where you’ll see your new “Attachments” option. It may not have a number of unread emails next to it just yet since you just added the option to your list, but give it some time and it will.

This makes finding important emails a lot easier, no?

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