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Get Ready to Swing Into Shotonline Golf:WC

Get Ready to Swing Into Shotonline Golf:WC

February 28, 2018

Shot Online Golf: World Championship is a new real-time, multiplayer mobile golf game making its way across App Stores around the world. It's the mobile adaptation of the PC MMO golf game, Shot Online.

Shotonline Golf:WC

Most importantly, the updated app has given a new look to the betting rooms that allow golfers to wager against fellow competitors. It’s also easier to express your emotions in the rooms, good or bad, with four new emoticons and six other emoticons with text.

The amount of betting gold is also marked more clearly so golfers know more about the bet before entering each room. Players can now also earn more rating points while playing.

And while on the course, golfers will also notice a number of other improvements. When using the top-view camera during a round, the camera view is wider and the zoom out function has increased.

When using a Power Drink, the increased distance provided has been changed to display on the power gauge. During a put, the slow-motion​ view is now more dynamic when the ball nears the cup.

Also, when you exceed a maximum distance, golfers can check the maximum distance after hitting a shot.

Finally, along with adding two new chapters to the single-player Academy, there are a number of big fixes in the update.

Shotonline Golf:WC

Game features include:

  • Ability to bet gold in 1:1 real-time match by playing the Betting Challenge. Season renews weekly, and you could achieve a higher reward based on your ranking

  • Improve your skill by breaking through various stages and missions. Advance to the next level by challenging and winning against a boss-grade character

  • Make your best shot by strengthening your club and clothes. Experience a fantastic hole-in through Skills.

On launch Shot Online Golf: World Championship is offer three special events. These include a betting challenge victory count event where rewards are given based on the number of victories, a special login event where you get a reward by accessing the game for seven days straight, and a hole cup in event, where a gold box appears randomly when you successfully hole.

Shot Online Golf looks promising. It's available now on the App Store.

Shotonline Golf:WC
Shotonline Golf:WC