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Grab This Apple-like Designed Starry Router for 25 Percent Off

The Starry Station is the router Apple should design
November 15, 2016

Apple has long been in the router game with its AirPort Extreme, but the Starry Station looks like the router Apple should be selling, and today, Nov. 15, it’s 25 percent off as part of Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day.

What separates the Starry Station from other routers is the built-in touchscreen that removes the guesswork of trying to figure out network problems. The touchscreen also gives you easy access to parental controls so that you can limit a specific device to visiting certain websites or even cut them off entirely. I honestly don’t understand why more companies haven’t taken this approach.

Other features include the ability to monitor screen time, check your internet speeds, and even get support with just a single tap. Why hasn’t Apple bought this company yet?

The Starry Station went on sale earlier this year for $299, but today it’s part of Amazon’s Gold Box deal and is 25 percent off, making it $224 with free shipping. If you’re looking for a new, cutting edge router, I suggest giving the Starry Station a try.

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