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Grab The Dice, And Roll For It!

Grab The Dice, And Roll For It!

February 27, 2018

The simple act of rolling dice can transform into all kinds of varied games. Roll For It gives you six dice, cards with target dice rolls, and lets you try to get to 40 points first. The new dice based board game is the latest digital translation from the makers of Tsuro. Like Tsuro, Roll For It has a gorgeous 3D design that is highlighted by the dice themselves. You can shake your device to roll, and then watch the accurate dice rolling physics engine show what you got. There are three cards on screen with different dice required to complete whether it’s three sixes for five points, a four number straight for ten points, or a full six dice combo of fours and twos for 15 points.

Get That Last One

Roll For It is extremely easy to get started as you just roll, and then place matching dice on the cards to try to complete them. As you play a little, you realize how much strategy is involved in such a simple concept. You’re playing against others in a race to 40 total points, and you get to decide on each roll if you want to go for the easier low point cards, or the tougher high point cards. Not only that, but you can place dice on cards even if you don’t complete them, and hope that no one else does before your next roll. For example, if there’s a card with a one, three, and five as well as a card with three ones, and you roll two ones and a three, you can place dice on both cards. You can try to hedge your bets, as each dice you place on the board is one less you can roll, but if another player completes a card with your dice on it, those dice are returned to you. If it seems like one card you’re going for is about to be complete, you can still try for it just in case, but still be ready to play another card if it can be completed.

Roll the dice to try to get the numbers on the accompanying cards.

Go For Smaller Cards

It’s a constant strategy balancing act with each roll as it’s quite infrequent to fill a whole card with one roll. Also, as other players approach 40, you may want to target a card that can put them over the edge, to beat them to the punch. Roll For It lets you play with two to four players with local multiplayer or AI computer options. There’s also an online multiplayer turn based mode to try. If you want to play with up to eight players, as well unlock new cards, and dice, there’s a $3.99 in-app purchase. Eight players is absolutely crazy in terms of completing cards, but it does take some patience to cycle through players, even AI players. One limitation of the initial purchase is that the standard deck has fewer card types, so most are just multiples of the same number, and it takes the IAP to unlock most of the straights and subtly different dice combos.

Roll For It is a great dice game that can be played in the spare minutes of your day making it well worth picking up.

Roll For It!
Roll For It!
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