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Guns of Boom Adds AR Support With a Spectator Mode

Guns of Boom Adds AR Support With a Spectator Mode

October 11, 2017

Once in a while, I get in a mood to just sit back and watch a good FPS battle unfold. Usually, I have to turn to YouTube for that, but now there's another option. Guns of Boom has recently added a spectator mode, and it's got a twist. It uses ARKit to bring the battle to life right in front of you, on any flat surface.

Duke it out in team battles

Guns of Boom is a deluxe 3D first person shooter that emphasizes online multiplayer action. It features an amazing graphics engine that acts as the backdrop to an accessible FPS.

The game is all about simply lining up the enemy in your crosshairs, and letting auto fire do the rest. That way, you can keep your focus on getting in the best position with tactical maneuvers to take out online foes.

You'll find familiar controls in Guns of Boom, with virtual joysticks at the bottom of the screen. Your left thumb controls your movement. You use your right thumb to aim your gun and choose secondary weapons like grenades.

Guns of Boom is integrated with Game Center, with challenges and leaderboards. It also uses Game Center to find friends to battle, but you can also engage in random fights with all of the players in this multiplayer FPS.

Online FPS multiplayer action with a great AR Spectator mode

View battles right in your home

For those times when you just want to sit back and enjoy viewing the fight, Guns of Boom has an AR Spectator mode. It utilizes ARKit, so you can turn any flat surface into a battlefield. You can watch your friends' battle, or observe a random firefight.

Within the mode, you can move around to get a better vantage point on the action. You can also zoom in and out by pinching on the screen. A heads-up display gives you scoring statistics, along with information on which weapon each player is using. You can always hide that if you just want to see the action.

Guns of Boom's AR Spectator mode is definitely a great addition to the game. I can easily see clans using it to record a bird's eye view, as well as close-ups, of their battles for training and sharing with their fans.

Guns of Boom is loads of fun to play, and the new AR Spectator mode adds a completely new dimension to the experience. Being able to place a battle directly in front of you, on your kitchen table or desk, is a cool way to enjoy being a FPS spectator.

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