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Head-To-Head: Siri vs Google Assistant

Which company has the better assistant?
October 22, 2016

Tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee,┬áhas put together an interesting video that compares Siri on the iPhone 7 Plus to Google’s Assistant on the Pixel, the company’s latest flagship phone. How do they compare?

In the video, Brownlee asks both Siri and the Google Assistant the exact same questions in order to see who gives the better answer. Surprisingly, both do a pretty good job at answering Brownlee’s questions, however, in certain circumstances, particularly when Siri is asked a follow-up question to the original question, it falls short.

Siri’s visual interface looks way nicer to my eyes, but Brownlee makes an interesting point: when you’re dealing with voice, you want more voice context, not more visual context. Being better at showing you visual information is not really what voice assistants are supposed to do.

Check out the video. It actually makes Siri look pretty good, something that a lot of Apple fans have been down on recently.