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Help Your Children Learn Science and Nature with Aniscience

Help Your Children Learn Science and Nature with Aniscience

July 20, 2017

Learning can be fun, but not always when it comes to scientific names and facts. For young learners especially, you need to find a way to entertain them while they're picking up new knowledge. An app has to get their attention and hold it, by offering interactivity and fun things to do in addition to providing facts and information. Aniscience is aiming to do that by helping children learn about nature through exploration.

Use the magnifying glass to examine things

When you begin playing Aniscience, you will take on the role of a small mouse in a burrow. You can move around through the burrows and up into the field above, exploring all of the creatures that live underground.

The trusty magnifying glass is ready and waiting to give you the full rundown on every creature you see, along with many other objects. You can find out how moles eat, for example, by examining the mole's pantry.

You'll also be able to learn the scientific names for all of the creatures you come across, again using the magnifying glass.

An app that helps kids learn about nature and science

Interactive objects and critters

There's a lot for kids to like in Aniscience. The musical background is calm and soothing, and the sound effects are cute.

The app also provides plenty of interactivity. You can tap on things to spur them to move, for example. There are plenty of creatures to learn about and things to do.

One drawback to this app is there is no spoken narration of the scientific facts provided when you examine a creature. This could make the app difficult to use for really young learners who cannot yet read.

Also, the app is pretty limited for the time being. You only get the burrow for free, and have to pay for the forest chapter. More chapters are coming, but for right now this app barely scratches the surface of what your kids could potentially learn from its fun format.

Aniscience is a cute app, with plenty of potential for helping kids learn. It needs more content, though. It would also really benefit from having spoken narration for the facts and information provided to younger learners.

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