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With HomeKitty, Find Apple HomeKit Products With Ease

September 5, 2017

HomeKitty hopes to bring some order to the Apple HomeKit universe. The new website keeps track of every new product that supports the smart home protocol.

New HomeKit-enabled products launch each week. Unfortunately, until now, there hasn’t been a place online where all of these products were listed.

HomeKitty hopes to change this. On the Swift-created site, you’ll find basic information about every currently available HomeKit accessory. These are arranged by categories, including lights, switches, outlets, and more.

Once you find a product on HomeKitty, you’ll see its name, price, manufacturer, and a buy link.

Do you have a HomeKit-enabled product that isn’t listed on HomeKitty? Visit this link to get the accessory included.

It’s nice seeing HomeKitty launch and I can’t wait to see how it develops over time. Hopefully, the uncluttered site will remain so in the coming weeks and months.

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