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Check Out Inside Maps in iOS 11 Developer Preview 2

The inside maps in iOS 11 are beginning to take shape
The World Around You
June 22, 2017

One of the features announced as part of iOS 11 was the inclusion of interior maps of airports and shopping malls. With the latest beta build, Developer Preview 2, we’re beginning to see that take shape. The feature may not be fully fleshed out yet, but it’s surprising how much detail has already been incorporated. Let’s glance at the inside maps in iOS 11.

Variously Detailed Inside Maps in iOS 11 at the Airport

Variously Detailed Inside Maps in iOS 11 at the Airport
The inside maps in iOS 11 of Los Angeles International Airport are coming along nicely

When you are traveling, an airport can be a confusing place. There are so many terminals, shops, and places to eat that it can often become overwhelming. Apple Maps has begun to draw out where important places are, but the inclusions are varied from airport to airport at this time.

For example, the airport map of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) provides plenty of detail about shops and restaurants. You cannot see the pathways through the airport, though, so you’ll have to rely on the maps inside the facility to assist you with navigating the building.


In the interior map for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, restroom information is prominent while shop and restaurant details are still limited

However, you can get a good view beforehand of what stores, kiosks, and restaurants are available near your terminal. The map, so far, offers plenty of that information. What’s missing, though, are the locations of the restrooms.

For Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), there is slightly more detail. You still can’t see where the walkways are, nor can you locate the lounges for the trams to take you throughout the terminals. You can, however, scout out restroom locations as well as places to eat and shop.

Inside the Shopping Mall

Inside the Shopping Mall
While it's by no means complete, a surprising amount of detail of even smaller shopping centers like Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio is included

When I first opened iOS 11’s Maps app, I didn’t expect to find any detail about my own local shopping mall. Southern Park Mall isn’t exactly a hot spot for international travelers (or domestic travelers, for that matter), but a pleasing amount of detail is already present in the map. Like the airport maps, you cannot yet see hallways and other pathways, but you can get a good idea of where particular restaurants and shops are located.

The map of the Mall of America in Minneapolis is much more complete, but still lacks hallways and shuttle bus stops.

Getting the iOS 11 Beta

Getting the iOS 11 Beta

If you are a registered developer, you can download the iOS 11 Developer Preview 2 configuration files from Apple’s developer site. If you aren’t a developer, a Public Beta will begin at the end of June. The full release of iOS 11 is expected sometime in Fall 2017.

If you’re curious whether you should take the plunge and install iOS 11 Developer Preview 2, check out Bryan Wolfe’s excellent advice.