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iPhone 7 Plus vs DSLR Camera

The folks at Fstopper's compare the iPhone 7 Plus camera to a Nikon DSLR
October 15, 2016

We see camera comparisons all the time, but they’re usually pitting one smartphone camera against another. In this video, the guys over at Fstoppers are comparing the iPhone 7 Plus to a proper DSLR.

The video is insightful at showing where the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera is superior to the Nikon DSLR and where it falls a little short. Less than a decade ago it would be laughable to say “In 10 years cameras in phones are going to be comparable to┬áprofessional DSLR cameras.” Today, that seems to be very true.

The folks at Fstoppers have always done some pretty interesting work with smartphones. Just the other day they did a photoshoot with the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera to show just how good portrait mode is. You can check that out here.