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Smart Battery Case For iPhone 7

The Secret Behind Apple's New iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple's A10 Fusion chip is no joke
September 12, 2016

It looks like Apple has been able to squeeze more battery life out of the company’s new iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case when compared to the one made for the iPhone 6s. This news is terrific for internet surfers and video buffs.

If you’re looking for a bit more battery life and the iPhone 7 itself isn’t enough for you, the Smart Battery Case designed to work with Apple’s new 4.7-inch handset offers quite a nice jump when compared to the same case for the iPhone 6s.

This improvement is likely due to Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip, which now has four cores, two that are specifically built to run at one-fifth the power of the other two. When combined with the Smart Battery Case, it appears that the iPhone 7 can gain a few more hours of running time.

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

How much more? About four more hours, when compared to the iPhone 6s, for a total of 22 hours of LTE usage.

Video playback also sees a nice increase of four hours, for a total of 24 hours.

If you’re interested in having more battery life on your iPhone 7, consider grabbing the Smart Battery Case. It offers all the benefits of the previous case but with up to 22 percent more battery life.

You can grab Apple’s Smart Battery Case at or on Amazon.