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Is a Pebble Smartphone Coming on Tuesday, May 24?

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May 23, 2016

Pebble is making an “OMG” announcement.

It looks like Pebble Technology Corporation is prepping to announce a new device on Tuesday, May 24. The tease comes in the form of an email with the headline, “Are you ready for tomorrow?”

The Pebble Classic was first introduced in 2012 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Two years later, the Pebble Time arrived.

What could happen during tomorrow’s announcement? 

Prior to an event in September 2015, Pebble’s website showed HTML code suggesting that a Pebble smartphone was coming. That didn’t happen. Instead, Pebble has spent the past few months better integrating its Pebble SDK with iOS and Android.

If not a Pebble smartphone, a new Pebble smartwatch could launch tomorrow. We’ll know soon enough. According to a prominent countdown timer on its website, Pebble’s announcement comes at 1 p.m. EDT.

Stay tuned.

Pebble Technology Corporation