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Klush Lets You Create Your Own Photo Diary, and Sneak a Peek Into Others

Klush Lets You Create Your Own Photo Diary, and Sneak a Peek Into Others

September 1, 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so stories woven by photographs are immense treasure troves of narrative. With Klush, you can weave your own tale through the images you have snapped, but the app doesn't stop there. You're also able to enjoy the stories left by others, get inspired to live new adventures through photographs, and communicate with a growing community of like-minded photographers who love the idea of keeping a diary of their favorite images.

Find inspirational photographers

Klush is designed from the ground up to help you craft your own photo diary while also getting inspired by the work of others. While the button to snap your own picture, or choose an image from your photo library, is prominently placed in the bottom center of the screen, you just might find yourself spending more time exploring the options around it.

You have a full timeline to explore, which grows as you add more people to your "following" list. You can also browse through the entire user base, or search for specific people on Klush.

As you explore the photography in this app, you can find inspiration for your own photography. While many of the users have empty portfolios, there are still plenty of regulars to follow and learn from.

Klush is a full social experience, allowing you to like and comment on the photos posted. You can also take advantage of the recently-added inbox and chat features, sharing tips and ideas or just building friendships.

Your personal photographic diary, connected to the world's

A timeline and tags to explore

Klush is a wonderful way to explore photography, while also sharing your own meaningful images. You can capture creativity, moments, and inspirations, follow those photographers who inspire you, and chat to keep in touch with your community.

Spread your stories through the pictures you take, and enjoy the tales woven by others.

One of my favorite "features" of Klush is the number of rabbit trails I can chase down through tags. While it's definitely easy to find inspiration on the timeline itself, and even more through the search page, sometimes just exploring the tags on photographs is well worth the time spent.

Klush is fairly small, yet, but the app is being actively developed and the community is growing. With the new chat and inbox features, that growth is sure to continue.

I've enjoyed my time beginning my own photo diary, and I've especially loved "reading" the stories woven by other Klush users through their images. The app continues to evolve and spin itself into a lovely way to spend an hour or two exploring wonderful photographs, and finding inspiration for my own stories is easy to do.

When you want to see what others are doing with photography, while also sharing your own art, Klush is an excellent choice. The community is strong and growing, even if it may be somewhat small right now. This is a social networking app with plenty of potential.