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Make Everyone's Wishes Come True With Wishpoke

Make Everyone's Wishes Come True With Wishpoke

February 8, 2018

First introduced in November 2017, Wishpoke is an interesting app with one goal in mind — to grant people’s wishes. If successful, the app could change how each of us shops for the people we love.

A Quick Look

With Wishpoke, you can create and organize wish lists for your friends and family to see. Subsequently, you can discover what others would like to receive on a future birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

The first time you use Wishpoke, you’ll be asked to choose your interests. Choices include fashion, beauty, travel, electronics, and more. Once you do, you can offer more details about each interest.

For example, if you love travel, you could select from beaches, destinations, entertainment, and many more. Enjoy electronics? Choose from video games, wearable tech, and computers, among others.

Wishpoke is a terrific simplified online social registry and we can't wait to see how it developers over the coming months and years. It's available to download on the App Store.

Wishpoke: Gifting Made Easy
Wishpoke: Gifting Made Easy
Wishpoke, Inc.