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MeeTime Is the Cure to Those Endless Meetings

MeeTime Is the Cure to Those Endless Meetings

August 10, 2017

Almost nobody enjoys staff meetings or other events like that. They tend to drag on forever, nobody feels productive, and inevitably they run over schedule. It doesn't matter how many timers you set, those are just too abstract to really keep things on track. A new app is the cure for the endless meeting.

Create the agenda for your meeting

With MeeTime, you get to drill down and schedule precise timers for every part of your meeting. You set your agenda items, who is responsible for each part of the meeting, and how much time they have.

The app is very easy to use, providing form fields to fill in for each bit of information. The fields are a bit finicky, though; you have to tap in just the right place sometimes to activate the part of the form you want to fill in.

For those meetings that you really plan in advance, MeeTime allows you to go back and revise your agenda after you've put together the basics. You can start planning that important meeting anytime, creating the shell of the schedule. Then flesh out the agenda once everyone confirms their availability and how much time they need.

Once you're done planning the agenda, you can add your meeting to your calendar. That way, the app can send you a notification when it's time for that meeting to begin.

The app that keeps your meetings on track

MeeTime in action

The real beauty comes in once the meeting begins. MeeTime sets timers for each segment of your meeting, letting you know how much time is remaining. If an agenda item within your meeting finishes early, that time is added to the remaining sessions. That way, your meeting can get the full time you've allotted to it, if you really want to keep things going that long.

Of course, if someone runs late, MeeTime lets you know without any mistake. The timer begins flashing red, getting your attention that it's time to wrap up. Once you finally decide to give the floor to someone else, the timer starts over. If you've run late, that time isn't taken away from the next person, but the app will definitely let you know about the productivity you've wasted once the meeting is over.

If everyone finishes early, though, MeeTime is quite happy. You get a synopsis of how much time you've saved after you close out the meeting, along with a congratulations.

Meetings might be boring, drudging affairs, but they don't have to always run over schedule. With MeeTime keeping tabs on the timeline, you can make that boring daily briefing or laborious sales meeting run on time, every time.

MeeTime Meeting Timer
MeeTime Meeting Timer
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