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Celebrate Radio Caroline With the MUZEN OTR Wood Speaker

January 23, 2018

On the outside, the tiny MUZEN OTR speaker looks like it was created decades ago in a wood shop. Inside, however, it’s every bit a modern Bluetooth and FM speaker that has been introduced with an important purpose in mind.

Now available through Indiegogo, the MUZEN OTR is a desktop radio speaker that embraces traditional designs with modern technology. Measuring just 3.72 inches by 2.84 inches by 2.21 inches, the natural rosewood speaker offers 10 hours of playtime between charges.

Each speaker comes with a travel pouch, dustless cloth, USB cable, stickers, and more. Extra accessories include a PU-based waterproof case, rubber case with a fox-shaped design, and wood stand.

Take a look:

The MUZEN OTR’s unique design isn’t the only thing that makes it special. It also serves as a tribute to Radio Caroline, an iconic British radio station that launched in 1964.

Considered a “pirate” radio station during much of its early existence, Radio Caroline originally came into being as a way to circumvent the record companies’ control of popular music broadcasting in the U.K. The channel remains a popular choice in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe.

To celebrate the station and what it represents, the creator of the MUZEN OTR, five-time winner of CES Innovation Awards, Dejun Zeng, will give 10 percent of the crowdfunding sales to Radio Caroline to help their broadcasts. Every purchaser of a MUZEN OTR Wood will also receive a Radio Caroline souvenir pack.

I’ve been using a pre-release MUZEN OTR speaker for a few weeks and have enjoyed it. From the unique design to its surprisingly sharp sound, the speaker is something worth considering, especially if you are a fan of Radio Caroline or old-school radios, in general

When it fully launches, the MUZEN OTR will retail for $89. Through Indiegogo, you can get one for $69 plus shipping. Estimated delivery begins in March.