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New Watch Faces, Scribble and More Are Coming to Apple Watch

What Apple Watch wearers can expect in the new watchOS 3
Apple's Software
June 13, 2016

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) began with a keynote today, June 13, and a presentation for watchOS 3. With fresh features, performance enhancements, new apps, and cool Watch faces, the free upgrade coming this fall will be packed.

Performance enhancements

  • Instant app launch time
  • Favorite apps will stay in the memory
  • Background updates
  • Refreshed information

The Dock

  • Show the Dock using the side button
  • Choose which apps to display
  • Move through apps one at a time or swipe through them quickly
  • One-tap to set your timer

Apple Watch faces

  • Customizable Minnie Mouse Watch face
  • Activity Watch face to see your rings throughout the day
  • Numerals Watch face with different fonts for a simple display
  • You can swipe to switch Watch Faces and more complications can be added

More new features

  • Access your Control Center by swiping up from the bottom just like on iOS
  • Smart replies will display right below the messages
  • Apple Pay can be used for specific apps
  • Workout apps can run in the background
  • Scribble is a new way to respond by drawing your message. The letters go right on top of each other as you draw them, spelling out the words.

New SOS feature

Press and hold the side button for the SOS feature to dial 911 in case of emergencies. The feature will automatically notify your emergency contacts and display a handy map. It will also show your medical ID.

New Activity app

You will soon be able to access Activity Sharing by swiping right to see your friends’ or family members’ rings and stats. Tap anyone in the list for complete details of their activity. There will also be messaging within the Activity app which will include quick replies and voice messages. It will also be optimized for wheelchair users.

New Breathe app

The new Breathe app can be launched from your Watch face, the Dock, or via smart notification. Change the session time from one to five minutes by turning the crown. Haptic feedback can be used to guide you through the session or you can enjoy the attractive visual. Your heart rate will conveniently display at the end of your session.