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Newton - Gravity Puzzle Challenges Your Brain and Your Reflexes

Newton - Gravity Puzzle Challenges Your Brain and Your Reflexes

June 26, 2017

Games that bend the laws of physics aren't new, but few do so in a way that promotes relaxation and a feeling of Zen. This entry, though, encourages you to think and react quickly, entering an almost meditative state where you become one with the white sphere you need to maneuver to the end of the puzzle. It relaxes you even while it keeps you on the edge of your seat, a truly unique feeling for a game to pull off.

Mind the spikes and other obstacles

When young Isaac Newton was struck on the head with an apple, he quickly realized he had discovered something he came to call gravity. It's always there, but what if you could control it?

In Newton - Gravity Puzzle, that's just what you do. Each level presents new challenges, encouraging you to spin the board around to control gravity and complete the puzzle.

It isn't always safe and easy, though. Newton - Gravity Puzzle presents you with spikes and other dangers to prevent you from getting your white ball to the end of the puzzle. Can you outwit the game?

Control gravity to solve these Zen-like puzzles

Gravity can be tricky

This game not only allows you to control gravity, but it's fairly relaxing as you do so. Even so, there's an edge of anticipation as your white ball rolls ever closer to the dangerous spikes.

Discovering the perfect combination of rotations is both exciting and relaxing at the same time. Creative mechanics and compelling levels encourage you to think as you have fun. Each level is unique, challenging both your reflexes and your brain to work together to solve each puzzle.

Newton - Gravity Puzzle has plenty of replay value, with 60 unique levels to defeat. The developers aren't done with it, though. The team is already working on new levels and features to add to the game, allowing you to continue enjoying it even beyond 60 levels.

Newton - Gravity Puzzle has a unique flavor to it. It's not only a promoter of relaxation, but it also exercises your reflexes and your nerves. This is a truly powerful game that will encourage mental stimulation even as you're having fun.

Newton - Gravity Puzzle
Newton - Gravity Puzzle
Umut Onel