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O6 Eyes-Free Controller

Say Hello to Fingertips Lab’s O6 Eyes-Free Controller for iPhone

June 14, 2017

The new O6 eyes-free controller hopes to change how you use your iOS devices. 

Chatting and driving don’t mix. Neither do texting and driving. These dangerous combinations still happen, of course. For those times when you should keep your eyes ahead of you, consider the new O6 controller by Fingertips Lab.

Launching today, June 14, the Bluetooth-enabled O6 eyes-free controller allows you to review iPhone content that you would typically read in apps by listening to them instead. These can include social feeds, text messages, emails, and more. Better still, you can do this without ever speaking or looking at your iPhone.

The O6 technology also allows you to get directions, call phone numbers, and control music, podcasts, and audiobooks. At launch, the O6 eyes-free controller supports Spotify, Audible, Apple Music, Podcasts, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

The tiny device is compatible with 27 international languages and comes with a rechargeable battery that works for between five and seven days between charges. The O6 only supports iOS devices at this time.

Take a look:

I’ve been testing the O6 eyes-free controller in recent days and hope to publish my review soon.

You can purchase the $99 O6 from the official site in either gray or orange. A pocket clip and steering wheel mount are available for $19 each.

The 06 app is free on the App Store.

O6: Free Your Eyes
O6: Free Your Eyes
Fingertips Lab, Inc.