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Paracable MFi Certified Lightning Cables Charge Your Devices in Style

These sturdy, effective, and attractive Apple-certified third-party Lightning cables do the job right
Credit: Paracable
August 23, 2016

You may have had the frustrating experience of the Apple Lightning cable that comes with your iPhone or iPad fraying and breaking down. If you live in a house with multiple iOS device owners, you may also have had the experience of your Lightning cable mysteriously going missing.

Paracable has come up with a solution. Their Lightning cables look distinctive, with five different color and pattern options. The cables are Apple MFi certified, which means that Apple has tested and approved this product’s efficacy. Paracord fabric wraps the 5 foot long cables for durability. Paracable invented these cables to resist the ferocious chomps of the owner’s kitten. I don’t have a cord-nibbling kitten myself, but I do have teenagers, and we tested Paracable’s Lightning cable for a couple of weeks. It sailed through with flying colors, so to speak.

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The Facts

The Facts

The Facts
Lightning Cable
any Lightning Cable compatible iOS device
five different colorful patterns
What I liked

What I liked

What I liked

Paracable’s 1.5m Lightning cables are high quality, good-looking wires. The ’32 bit’ designs are charming and fun. The end housings are contracted from matte aluminum and are ringed with colored plastic to match each design.

The cable charged my iPhone and iPad efficiently, and is capable of 2.0+ amps of charging power. The lightning end of the cable fit into my phone in its protective case. Though it will not fit into every kind of case, it is compatible with many popular cases, such as the LifeProof frē for iPhone 6, LifeProof NÜÜD for iPhone 6, and Otterbox Commuter. The end measures 11mm X 6mm, so be sure to measure your case’s opening if you’re not sure. Underneath the braided paracord fabric, a flexible polymer jacket, durable copper mesh, and EMF shielding protect the interior wires.

Usually, the next section of my review would be entitled, “What I Didn’t Like.” But I can’t think of anything not to like about these cables, so I’ll skip that section.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Paracable Lightning Cable is an excellent product. Paracable offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. It comes in five patterns: Gecko, Matrix, Glacier, “1.21 Giggawatts,” and Continuum. As of this writing, they are on sale for $23.95.

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Build Quality
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