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Pixinote Lets You Send Some Love the Old-Fashioned Way

Bring physical mail back with printed photo greetings
August 25, 2016

Are you tired of digital photos and email greetings? Do you miss the days of sending and receiving cards in the mail? If you answered yes, then say hello to Pixinote. This cool app lets you create photo greetings that are sent to your loved ones using U.S. Postal First Class mail.

Create your greeting card

Create your greeting card

Pixinote makes it super easy to create all sorts of greetings. Just pick a photo from your library or capture a shot on the fly. Then, write your birthday, anniversary, or “just thinking of you” message and pick one or more recipients. When you are finished, hit the button and let Pixinote take it from there.

Pixinote details

  • Joining is free
  • Billing information is secured by Stripe
  • Greetings are $2.50 each and include printing, cropping, and U.S. mail delivery
  • Pixinotes are printed the next business day for estimated arrival within two to seven days
  • Only addresses in the United States are deliverable at this time

Pixinote offers a clean and easy way to create awesome photo greetings for your friends and family. So, for that next holiday or special occasion, try something different and send your love the old-fashioned, physical mail way. Pixinote is designed for iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store for free.

Pixinote, Inc.