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Project Foodie: The Cookbook of the Future, Today

November 2, 2017

For many, cooking is a chore. For others, the art of merging various ingredients to create a mouth-watering dish is a relaxing form of art. No matter how you view cooking, Project Foodie aims to make the job easier than ever before. You can find great new recipes, learn how to make them, and in some cases even get the groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Project Foodie was created out of a love of cooking and a desire to merge the best of recipe books, cooking shows, and more. It offers you wonderful dishes to prepare, with expert guidance from top chefs.

If you browse through the app, you'll find plenty of delectables to enjoy and share with your loved ones. This free app allows anyone to view and follow along with many of the recipes. Some dishes, denoted with blue crowns in the bottom right of the recipe image, are only available to premium (i.e., paid) members.

Each recipe gives you a description, information about how long it takes to prepare, and the level of difficulty in cooking that dish. When you dive into the recipe itself, you'll be greeted with videos featuring top chefs.

These videos will guide you, step by step, through preparing the meal. You can follow along with the top chefs, learning good cooking and preparation techniques, or you can just read the recipe itself and blaze your own path. The choice is yours.

The cookbook of tomorrow is here today

Project Foodie offers you a complete set of ingredients and directions, along with an estimate of how long it will take to create the dish. You can also get an idea of how difficult the recipe is, with some being very basic while others requiring advanced cooking techniques.

The videos presented within each recipe feature top chefs preparing the exact same recipe you have in front of you. They guide you through every step of the way, helping you navigate any potential perils or pitfalls of the dish.

If you are worried about trying to resize the recipe for a larger or smaller group of people, don't. This app intelligently does that for you. Just select how many people are eating, and the app will automatically adjust portions for you.

You can also add the ingredients quickly and easily to a grocery list. Either tap the individual plus signs by each one, or tap "Add All To My List." In some areas, you can even get same-day delivery of the things you need for that recipe, courtesy of a partnership with Instacart.

Whether you're looking for new inspiration to fuel your love of cooking or easy recipes to feed your unruly crew, Project Foodie has you covered. You'll be making amazing dishes in no time, with all of the benefits of cooking shows to help you (but none of the commercials).

Grocery delivery in some locales

Project Foodie has partnered with Instacart, offering same-day delivery of groceries for your recipes in some locations.

Browse the cookbook of the future

Browse through the recipes, finding that perfect dish. Entries without the blue crown are available to non-members, but some dishes do require an in-app purchase to view.

Perfect directions and recipe resizing

Project Foodie provides written directions along with video guidance from top chefs. The app even resizes recipes for you, so you get just enough of each ingredient for your crew.

Project Foodie: Guided Cooking
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