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Raumfeld SoundDeck

Get Cocooned in Sound With The Raumfeld SoundDeck

Fill your space with sound as you stream your music or television wirelessly
Raumfeld SoundDeck
July 20, 2016

The Raumfeld Wireless Streaming SoundDeck fills the room with sound in a way I haven’t experienced before. The television sound is fuller and richer, and the music sounds better. I’ve never had a high-end sound system before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Raumfeld SoundDeck. I didn’t even think I’d notice a difference between the sound on my TV set and the SoundDeck, but I did.

Raumfeld SoundDeck in Black

Raumfeld SoundDeck in Black

The SoundDeck hooks up to your television with an HDMI cable. You can use it to boost the sound of your video, which makes it feel more like a cinematic experience. I know some members of my family are looking forward to football season with the SoundDeck.

You can also use the SoundDeck to stream the music on your iPhone, plus a variety of music services, such as Spotify, TIDAL, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, Scrobbler, and TuneIn. If you don’t subscribe to any paid music services, you can stream the free, ad-supported TuneIn and access an enormous variety of themed music channels.

Raumfeld is a modular system. This allows you to purchase different speakers to place all around your home.

My son was watching television, and I was in the next room. I heard him making some very strange noises, so I came in to investigate. As it turns out, he was sitting silently across the room from the television set; the sounds were all coming from the show he was watching through the SoundDeck. The SoundDeck projects audio that effectively.

The SoundDeck employs German technology, “Six high-end drivers, two down fire subwoofers, and integrated 280-watt class D amplifier to create powerful, detailed sound.” 

The Raumfeld Wireless Streaming SoundDeck fills the room with sound in a way I haven't experienced before

The remote control that comes with the SoundDeck allows you to access some great features. Stereo Mode sounds like a classic stereo system. Arena Mode is designed to use wall reflections to create a broad panorama of sound. Theater Mode is a balance of background sound and dialogue, while Voice Mode brings conversation forward.

You’ll want to download the free Raumfeld app. The app allows you to set up the SoundDeck and access all of the different streaming music services, choose a particular station or playlist, adjust the volume, and more.

Raumfeld GmbH

I didn’t find the SoundDeck as easy to set up as Raumfeld describes it. It wasn’t quite plug-and-play, it does take some doing. There is a learning curve for using the SoundDeck.

This is an expensive product. It does some cool stuff, but I cannot understand why it needs to cost so much.


Bottom Line

Raumfeld Bottom Line
Raumfeld SoundDeck in white

Raumfeld SoundDeck in white

If you have the money to spare, this is a sound system I think you’ll enjoy. The sound is phenomenal, and it’s nice to be able to stream both your television and your music through a single high-quality sound system.

If you find that the SoundDeck uses too much of your home’s Wi-Fi, you can purchase a Raumfeld Expand to boost the signal. I didn’t find it necessary, but it’s an option.

The Raumfeld Wireless Streaming SoundDeck is available on Amazon in black or white for $1,299.00.

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