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Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty Trailer Finally Arrives Ahead of Sequel's Release

August 25, 2017

Reigns: Her Majesty was first announced in January. However, we didn’t hear anything else about the sequel to 2016’s addictive Reigns game until now. Unfortunately, even the newly released game trailer doesn’t give much away.

As you can see in the video above, Reigns: Her Majesty looks similar to the original game, except the monarchs are now female. Beyond this change, it looks like we can probably expect the same mix of complex scenarios, relationship issues, and more in the sequel.

When news about Reigns: Her Majesty first leaked, its creators, Devolver and Nerial, would only say the game would arrive in 2017. With just over four months to go in the year, we’re still waiting.

For more information on Reigns: Her Majesty, visit the official website. You can download Reigns via the App Store.

Are you excited about the coming arrival of Reigns: Her Majesty? Let us know in the comments below. 

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