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GuardPeanut Sensor

Protect Your Valuables With's New GuardPeanut Sensor

December 2, 2016

Back in September, we introduced you to the adorable ThermoPeanut, a tiny sensor that measures and sends the temperature to your smartphone. This week, announced its newest accessory, the GuardPeanut sensor. GuardPeanut GuardPeanut
The GuardPeanut on a door

The GuardPeanut on a door

GuardPeanut looks exactly like ThermoPeanut (except in green) and uses the same app. Instead of measuring temperature, GuardPeanut acts as an alert system. Attach it to your luggage, iPad case, stroller, or other valuables and belongings using the included holder clip, attachment ring, self-adhesive tape, or sticky putty.

To activate the alarm, simply place the GuardPeanut on the item to monitor and press the button. You can also enable the alarm using the Sense app. The built-in speaker plays a loud sound if your belonging is moved. You’ll also receive an instant alert if you’re within the Bluetooth Smart range.

Don’t want a subtle movement to trip the alarm? Using the app, you can adjust the sensitivity of the GuardPeanut to very low, low, normal, high, or very high. A higher sensitivity detects smaller and smoother movements such as vibrations.

GuardPeanut allows anyone from tech enthusiasts to novices to monitor any object in or outside the home including purses, suitcases, jewelry boxes, laptops, strollers, safes, cookie jars, lockers and other prized possessions or items they want to keep an eye on.

Using the GuardPanut on a bag or luggage

Using the GuardPanut on a bag or luggage

Each GuardPeanut ships with a CR2032 battery that should last around six months before it needs replacing.

If you worry about leaving your belongings in public spaces, GuardPeanut is definitely something to consider.

I’ve been using GuardPeanut for a few days, often at my local Starbucks, and have found that it works as expected. And yes, the alarm is loud, even on the quietest setting. If you worry about leaving your belongings in public spaces (even for a few seconds), GuardPeanut is definitely something to consider. It provides some peace of mind for little cost.

You can purchase the $29 GuardPeanut from the website. A pack of four is available for $99.