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Share iCloud Storage

How to Share iCloud Storage With Family Members in iOS 11

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September 26, 2017

You can now share iCloud storage in iOS 11. By sharing data with other iCloud family members, there’s no longer a need for individual iCloud storage plans. Depending on your current situation, this can help you save money.

Sharing Your Data

Sharing Your Data

To share iCloud storage in iOS 11, go into the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Next, select Accounts & Passwords and then click on your iCloud account.

From your iCloud account screen, select Storage. On the next screen, click Manage Your Storage and choose Share With Family.

On the next screen, Apple explains how you can share your iCloud Storage plan with family members. Those members currently using free iCloud storage will be updated to your plan automatically. Anyone with a paid storage plan can keep it or just use your plan moving forward.

Click Share Storage Plan.

The next screen will show the current setup for your family members. From here, select Send Invitations. This will open the Message app.


Send your invitation.

Family members can begin using shared storage once they accept the invitation.You can stop sharing iCloud storage at any time.

No current iCloud family members? You can add family members to your iCloud account by following these directions.

Note: You can also set up iCloud data sharing on macOS High Sierra.

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