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Spotify Announces

Spotify Announces Enhanced Free Tier, New App Version and More

April 24, 2018

At today’s media event in New York City, Spotify announces some big news. The No. 1 music streaming service in the world is now offering expanded mobile features for free tier customers. It has also unveiled a new version of its app.

With the new version of Spotify, 15 favored playlists including Discover Weekly will soon be available for on-demand playback without shuffling for free customers. Other playlists will remain with limitations. You previously needed a Spotify Premium account to take advantage of on-demand replay.

Spotify has also announced a new “low data” mode that reduces data consumption while streaming by 75 percent. The mode is ideally suited for those users with data caps.

The upcoming app refresh, for both iOS and Android, will include better organization, local song caching, and new recommendation features when building playlists. These changes were teased earlier this month.

Also on Tuesday, Spotify said it now has 71 million monthly paid customers and 90 million free users. No. 2 Apple Music recently announced it has 40 million paying subscribers. (It doesn’t offer a free tier.)

The new Spotify app version should be available soon on the App Store.

Spotify Music
Spotify Music