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Tackle the Adventure of Fatherhood with the Life of Dad

Tackle the Adventure of Fatherhood with the Life of Dad

A social network and more for dads
June 13, 2017

There are lots of apps for moms, but precious few that focus on the adventure of fatherhood. Dads need resources too, like tips and advice and just sounding boards for the things they're going through. An app that provides a full social networking experience geared towards dads and dads-to-be is a great thing to have on your iPhone as we roll towards Father's Day.

This app lets you share your adventure of fatherhood and get plenty of great information and tips on being a dad.

A tour of the Life of Dad

With the Life of Dad app, you can join a huge community of fathers who make the most of their adventures. You'll find great content, like videos and podcasts, along with funny memes and photographs. There's also an advice column, and you can share your photos and updates with the community or through other social media or messaging apps. Life of Dad makes it easy to show off what an amazing father you are, as well as get advice on those situations you just can't figure out. Get great tips from other dads, share ideas of your own, and make the most of the adventure of fatherhood.

For fathers who want to make the most of the adventure.

Share photos with custom frames and filters

Life of Dad is a social network just for fathers. It offers great photo filters for showing off your kids, and provides a wealth of knowledge on all sorts of essential fatherhood topics. It's the ultimate app for being proud of being a dad. Once you've taken a terrific photo of you and your kids, you can apply one of the customized filters or frames to it. Get it just the way you like it, and then share your masterpiece photograph with other dads or any other place you want. Life of Dad integrates with your text messaging, Facebook, and other places to share your photos, so you can show off your fatherhood anywhere you want.

The Life of Dad app is the perfect companion for the father who wants to learn and share. It offers a huge community of fathers enjoying the adventure, just like you should.

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