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The B&W P7 headphones remain among the best on the market

Lots to love about these over-ear headphones
March 31, 2016

Our favorite wireless headphones remain the Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) P5 and Master & Dynamic MW60. There are times, however, when using wired headphones is a better solution. Are the over-ear B&W P7 headphones worth considering? It’s time to find out.

The Facts

The Facts
Black only
March 31, 2016

Look and feel

Look and feel

With the continued popularity of Beats Audio products, many manufacturers have felt forced in recent years to release high-end plastic headphones with ridiculously bassy tones. One of the few holdouts in this audio migration has been U.K-based Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), which has been making audio products since 1966.

The first thing you’ll notice about the P7 is its impressive design. The headset features a black brushed aluminum frame, silver bezel ear-cups, and adjustable chrome arms. High-quality black leather surrounds the headband and removable ear pads. Metal hinges make for a foldable form factor.


Three click switches on the remote and mic cable control sound volume and the ability to play, pause, or skip songs. The switches can also answer and disconnect phone calls. A universal cable is provided for non-iOS devices.

The P7 ships with a pillowed carrying case.

When registered with B&W, P6 Wireless owners receive three months free membership to Society of Sound. Here you’ll find classical albums, which are downloadable in multiple formats, including Apple Lossless, FLAC16, and FLAC24.  After three months, you can continue your Society of Sound membership for $60 per year. For this, you’ll receive access to two new albums each month, plus all the current titles in the catalog.



The sound quality on the P7 is impressive thanks to a speaker-like drive unit. According to B&W, this makes for a “more precise, controlled movement.”

We would agree. P7 sounds are smooth, rich, and well-balanced. For most, this is what one would expect on a mid-priced pair of headphones.


The bottom line

The bottom line

First introduced in 2013, the P7 remains one of the most impressive pair of over-ear headphones on the market. It offers soothing, well-balanced sounds in a beautiful design. You can’t go wrong with the B&W P7.

The $399 headphones are available on the B&W websiteAmazon, and at other retailers.

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