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The Sega Forever Collection Adds a Rising Star with Ristar

The Sega Forever Collection Adds a Rising Star with Ristar

August 10, 2017

You might think you know all of Sega's games, but maybe you missed this predecessor to a famous hedgehog. The 1995 Sega classic is back, in an official emulated version for your iOS device. It's a stellar addition to a great collection of classic games.

A classic Sega title

In Ristar, you'll explore six planet levels as a shining, shooting star. Of course, it isn't quite that simple. Your character has stretchable arms, to grab onto surroundings and enemies in order to topple Greedy, an evil tyrant who has taken captive the galaxy of Valdi.

Ristar brings the classic action that would later inspire a famous hedgehog, allowing you to relive the 1995 classic on your iPhone. The game is free to play, with ad support, or you can make an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

The classic Sega platformer runs on to iOS.

Take on the baddest of the baddies

Ristar provides you with leaderboards, cloud saves, controller support, and more. The official emulation of the side-scrolling classic is terrific, but what I really loved about Ristar then and now is the unique amount of replay value and choices you can make.

Sure, it's a linear side-scroller, but you can choose different paths through many of the obstacles. If you aren't a fan of jumping from small platform to small platform, many of those obstacles also offer handholds above. Ristar can leap from stone to stone, or he can swing across the chasm using vines and branches.

You can even switch back and forth, trying different tactics and routes. It's a simple game, but one with plenty of options.

As far as classics go, Sega's got one of the largest collections. With each one they add to the Sega Forever collection, retro gamers get more to love about their iOS devices. Ristar is a terrific addition to the growing mélange of awesome classic games.

Ristar Classic
Ristar Classic