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The Tech Media Minute: A Motorola RAZR Comeback, 4 Speakers on the 'iPhone 7'?

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May 23, 2016

It could soon feel like the early 2000s again, thanks to a coming announcement from Lenovo. Here’s a quick look at what’s making news on this Monday, May 23.

3 Stories/30 Seconds

3 Stories/30 Seconds

3 Stories/30 Seconds

Four speakers on the “iPhone 7”?

Most of the early “iPhone 7” rumors have focused on the increasing likelihood that Apple’s next handset will look a lot like the iPhone 6/6s. Inside the device,  however, big changes appear afoot.

Over the weekend, posted purported images of the iPhone 7 that show four separate speaker grilles; two on both the top and bottom of the device. The iPhone 6 has one speaker grill at the bottom of the device. If this leak is correct, it suggests that the next iPhone will focus on audio improvements.

Previous rumors have said that Apple’s next handset will ship without an audio jack. Instead, users would use Bluetooth or the device’s Lightning port to listen to headphones. This latest rumor seems to confirm this.

Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 7 and “iPhone 7 Plus” in September.

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Is the Motorola Razr making a comeback?

Before the iPhone launched in 2007, there was the Motorola RAZR. One of the last successful flip phones, the Motorola RAZR last shipped in December 2008 with the release of the Motorola RAZR2 V9x. (A Motorola RAZR3 was only released in South Korea.)

The Motorola RAZR may soon get another act.

Now owned by Lenovo, Motorola recently released a teaser video for the company’s June 9 media event. Looks a lot like a comeback, no?

WWDC: Three weeks away

The 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, June 13. During the 10 a.m. PDT keynote, Apple is expected to announce “iOS 10” and the next version of OS X.

Today in Tech & Media/15 Seconds

Today in Tech & Media/15 Seconds

Today in Tech & Media/15 Seconds

Today, May 23 is Lucky Penny Day.

EmTech Digital kicks off in San Francisco, California. The GOTO Conference begins in Chicago, Illinois.

Looking backwards: On this day in 1934, legendary bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde Barrow were shot to death in Louisiana.

Trending on Twitter/15 Seconds

Trending on Twitter/15 Seconds

Twitter Trending on Twitter/15 Seconds

Do you want some true #mondaymotivation? Next Monday is Memorial Day in the United States, which is the unofficial kickoff of Summer 2016.

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