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Travelear's Relaxing Sounds are a Vacation for Your Ears

December 19, 2016

Travelear is a new app that will transport you around the world with its immersive environment and relaxing sounds. Travelear can take you to places like the beach with its lulling waves or a bustling city.

Travelear was created by a professional audio engineer with original, high quality content. Its relaxing sounds are offered in a 3D soundscape best enjoyed with headphones.

The free app comes with 13 sounds included; more will soon be offered for premium subscribers. The soundscapes you’ll find in the app include two different beaches in Hawaii, a busy flower market in England, Times Square in New York, a California state park, a Jazz Festival in New Orleans, and a babbling brook in Ohio.

Nicholas Culpin

If you’re looking for an app that offers high quality, exotic, and relaxing sounds, check out Travelear. It’s free on the App Store now.