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Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Return With Some Fine Print

February 13, 2017

Verizon unlimited data plans have returned. The plans from the No. 1 carrier in the United States arrive just days after Sprint and T-Mobile announced similar offerings.

Verizon’s new plans reward those with more lines. You can purchase four new lines for $45 per line, three new lines for $54 per line, two new lines for $70 per line, and one new line for $80 per line.

The plans include unlimited data, talk, and text, plus HD video streaming. Mobile hotspot support is also included.

The fine print:

With Verizon unlimited data plans, hotspot tethering is limited to 10GB for 4G, after which speeds drop to 3G. Also, when a customer uses more than 22GB in a month, speeds might be “deprioritized” behind other Verizon customers. Additionally, customers must use AutoPay.

As we noted last week, Sprint now offers unlimited data plans with up to five lines for $90 per month. The deal provides data, talk, and text for $50 per month for one line, or $90 per month for two lines. Lines three through four are free.

Meanwhile, with a T-Mobile ONE plan, taxes and fees are now included in the listed price. You pay $40 per line for up to four lines with AutoPay. You can also qualify for $150 back per line when you switch.

We’re still waiting for AT&T to jump on board and announce a new unlimited data plan. When they do (and you know that they will), we’ll let you know.

Will you take advantage of Verizon unlimited data plans? Leave your comments below. 

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