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Visual Codes Turns Your iPhone Into a QR Code Generator

Visual Codes Turns Your iPhone Into a QR Code Generator

September 22, 2017

QR codes were supposed to be the new generation of posters and business cards. The pixelated blocks store an amazing amount of information, but the problem has always been integration with our smartphones. You had to have an app to read them, but now iOS 11 has support for QR codes built into the camera. It only makes sense, then, that you would finally need a good QR Code generator. This one may be the best I've found.

Create your own QR code

Visual Codes is amazingly simple to use. All you have to do is tap on "Create Code," choose the type of information you want to provide, and then fill in a form. QR codes can be confusing to figure out, but this app makes it a no-brainer to quickly and easily generate great codes.

You can create a block of QR goodness for just about any purpose. The app currently supports the following actions when people scan your QR code:

  • Open website
  • Search web
  • Compose email
  • Add contact
  • Map location
  • Call phone number
  • Connect to Wi-Fi

Generate codes to your heart's content, to make your own QR business card or a flyer to fill in your Wi-Fi password without divulging it.

You can give your codes labels, since you're sure to create more than one. That way, it's easy to find the one you want. Have your friend or newfound acquaintance scan the code with their iPhone, and they're off and running.

With the purchase of the premium add-on, you can also print and share QR codes. It's so easy anybody can use it, so feel free to create your own QR-fueled business cards, flyers, or posters.

The app for making and sharing QR codes

Visual Codes

Scanning the codes you create is super-easy now that iOS 11 supports it natively. You really don't even have to print your QR code, unless you want to give it to someone to take with them away from you.

Just open the code in the app, and have them scan it with their iPhone or iPad. It's really that easy.

I also love how many options the app gives you for creating different QR variants. You can create your own custom business card, give someone a quick way to open your Twitter page or website, or provide an easy connection to your guest Wi-Fi network.

The neatest option, I think, is the Compose Email QR code. It automatically opens their Mail app, starts a new email message, and fills in your email address.

Visual Codes is exactly what we need to breathe new life into the QR code technology. Perhaps it will finally make the universally scannable codes mainstream.

Visual Codes
Visual Codes
Benjamin Mayo