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Best Third-Party Apple Watch Bands

Shopping for the Best Third-Party Apple Watch Bands is Now Easier than Ever

January 15, 2017

One of the best parts of the Apple Watch is the wide variety of bands that are available for it. From meticulously machined link bracelets to simple and colorful sport bands, there’s no shortage of Apple Watch bands out there.

Unfortunately, owning a lot of these bands is impractical for most of us due to cost. Even the most affordable bands from Apple – the Sport and Nylon – cost $49 each before taxes. How many can you practically buy before you end up spending hundreds of dollars?

The folks at our sister site, WatchAware, hope to change this with a new tool on for finding the best third-party Apple Watch bands. Not only does the list include the best third-party bands, but also the ones which are least expensive.

The way it works is simple. Just go to the dedicated WatchAware Bands page and you’re presented with two choices: Style or Color. By default, it’s set to Style which shows you every band style they currently have in the system. If you choose Color, it automatically arranges all the bands by the various colors found.

Here’s what the site has so far:

  • Sport Band
  • Nylon Sport Band
  • Nike Sport Band
  • Milanese Loop
  • Link Bracelet
  • Modern Buckle
  • Classic Buckle
  • Leather Loop
  • Hermès Single Tour
  • Hermès Double Tour
  • Hermès Double Buckle Cuff

Each one of these styles has been curated by the WatchAware staff. They either own them or have reviewed them and they’ve picked the very best of each. That doesn’t mean they are perfect, however. Some of them are close to 100 percent replicas while others are not. WatchAware tries to make that clear by letting you know up front when you tap or click on one of the Apple Watch bands.

It’s actually really easy and kind of fun to use. And they’ll be updating it often with new styles, new colors, and much more. Now, finding a good third-party Apple Watch band won’t be so hard.

You can check it out here.