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With Runners Map, New Paths to Run Are Just a Tap Away

With Runners Map, New Paths to Run Are Just a Tap Away

October 10, 2017

Sometimes, it can be easy to get in a rut with your running workouts. If you run the same path too many times, you might find yourself getting bored and discouraged. With this app, you can find new routes to run, which can be the inspiration you need to keep your regime going or even step it up a notch.

Catalog your own runs

There isn't much you have to do to use Runners Map. You do need to grant is access to your Workouts and Workouts Routes data in Apple Health. You'll also need to enable Location Services for the app. It's worth noting that to track your own routes, you need to use the Apple Watch Workouts app when you run.

Once those are set up, Runners Map goes to work mining your existing and future Apple Health data for the routes you've run. It presents those on a gorgeous map.

You can easily load a previous run, and let the app help you follow that past route. This is terrific if you had a particularly good or scenic route, because you can easily repeat it.

If you're back in a different place, you can easily search for the runs you ran the last time you were there. Just use the map and search that area, and you'll find out where you ran before.

The map for runners

Catalog your own runs

What really sets this app apart is the Runners Map Cloud. This is a database of runs that other runners have shared. You can search throughout the world for great runs, which just might inspire you to more vacation destinations.

You can share your own runs, if you think they were good routes, quickly and easily. When you're in a new area, or even if you're looking for new routes to run near home, it's easy to search the map in Discovery mode. The same way you search the map for your own runs, in fact. Just pinch to zoom into the area you want to run, and tap Search again in this area.

This is also a social app, in that you can up or down vote runs. If you download a run and really enjoy it, tap its thumb's up to give it an up vote. If it stinks, you can down vote it with a thumb's down.

If you're looking for a great running companion, this is the app to have. It will help you keep track of your routes, as well as find new paths to run.

Runners Map
Runners Map
Arno Appenzeller