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With Thyng, You Can Bring New AR Life to Your World

With Thyng, You Can Bring New AR Life to Your World

October 11, 2017

There are dozens of ARKit creation apps, titles that use augmented reality to allow you various levels of creativity and interaction. You can take your picture or video with a high-fiving tiger, or bring a famous celebrity into your living room. Thyng does all of that, plus quite a bit more, allowing interactivity even with common real-world objects.

Create your own scenes

With Thyng, an app that's been around for quite a while in the AR niche, you get an entirely new augmented reality experience. The app now makes use of ARKit, allowing it to detect surfaces on which you can create your own virtual scene.

You begin with a rather detailed tutorial, but that's definitely good. This app has a lot of power, and the tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to use it. Once done, you can start playing around.

Thyng has two modes, Surface and Target. In Surface mode, you can scan your floor, table, or any other flat surface and then place objects, videos, photographs, and more on it.

The overall experience is excellent, allowing you to mingle together your own photos and videos with virtual animals and objects.

For an amazing ARKit experience, Thyng is a must-have

Bringing household objects to life

Where I think things get really fun is in Target mode. In this mode, you can scan real-world objects and bring them to life. For example, scanning a dollar bill will cause a montage of news clips to appear on top of the currency, talking about the state of the economy. Scan a box of Life cereal, and a vintage video of the kids getting Mikey to try the breakfast staple pops up.

While the videos originate within the real-world object, panning the camera will pop the footage out so you can view it larger and interact with it. You can also add in Thyngs to the scene, making your own custom setting with relevant objects, people, and animals. It's a really cool way to flash back to the past or learn more about an object.

When you've got your scenery and Thyngs placed, it's easy to snap a picture to use later. In fact, if you want to keep a memory of what you create, you should take a photo of it — Thyng doesn't currently have any other way to save the scene.

For an amazing ARKit experience, this free app is a must-have. It allows you to craft your own augmented reality scenes, and provides great interaction with real-world objects.

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