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YouTube Recognizes Messages as How We Want to Share Videos

YouTube Recognizes Messages as How We Want to Share Videos

October 3, 2017

YouTube is a terrific place to find and share videos. In the bad old days, though, you had to copy and paste a link from the app to share it in Messages. That's all changed with a recent update to the official YouTube app.

Share YouTube videos directly to Messages

With YouTube, it's easier than ever to share your favorite videos. You don't have to copy and paste links anymore, because that's so iOS 10.

YouTube has added direct support for Messages, so the app can share your videos straight to a text or iMessage.

Search through your favorite videos, or watch the Trending tab to see what's really popular. When you come across a video you want to send to someone else, it's easy.

All you have to do is tap the Share button, then tap Messages. You'll get a search menu that lets you choose who to send the video to. Just type in who you want to send the clip to, and then tap send. It's as easy as that.

The ultimate video discovery and sharing app

Progress bar in watch history

YouTube has arguably the best collection of videos on the Internet. You can find everything from the most recent or classic music videos to footage of cats playing with laser pointers.

It seems like so many people want to be YouTube stars, so you'll also find plenty of home video footage that's funny, sad, inspirational, and everything in between.

If you aren't sure whether you've already watched a video, the YouTube app has a great feature to help. A recent update added the progress bar to search results, history, and more, making it easy to see how much of a video you've already viewed.

YouTube has an amazing app, and the developers keep making it better. It would be nice if the app simply used the common Share Sheet extensions, but at least there's now a way to go straight to Messages with your video instead of copying, switching to Messages, finding your recipient, and pasting the link.

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
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