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A Stickman Wave Racer
A Stickman Wave Racer

A Stickman Wave Racer Lets You Cruise The Waves With An Uncommon Vehicle

January 6, 2013

A Stickman Wave Racer (Free) by RoboNacho Systems, LLC is a racing game that uses an uncommon vehicle. Rather than using a car or a boat, you’re using a personal watercraft, or PWC. Use your PWC to weave around boats that are in your way without crashing into them. Be careful to avoid the red dots running along the side of the course. Those will cause you and your PWC to explode.

I love stick figure games. I think that their lack of detail adds some awesome simplicity to the game. I also love a good endless racing game. They’re easy to pick up and put down. You can choose whether to invest hours or minutes in the game.

Another great feature to this game is the speed button on the bottom of the track. You can blast through the easy levels until you hit more difficult areas.

For me, those difficult areas happened once I hit the 1,000 mark. I’m not sure whether the game measures yards or meters, but whatever the measurement, it gets crazy at 1,000. Suddenly, I went from single boats that zigged and zagged in front of me to dealing with two and three boats in a row that I needed to get around.

To control your PWC, tilt your device right or left. The controls aren’t overly-sensitive, so you won’t go flying into the red dots with every little tilt. Although, they’re just responsive enough for the PWC to do some tight weaving.

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A Stickman Wave Racer
A Stickman Wave Racer
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