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Kungfu Bug2HD
Kungfu Bug2HD

Help Your Fellow Bugs Escape With Kungfu Bug2HD

December 29, 2012

Kungfu Bug2HD (Free) by Zhong Mincan is a game where you have to rescue all of the bugs that an evil man has trapped in jars.

The bugs run out of oxygen if you take too long, so you need to guide Kungfu Bug through each of the 45 challenging levels as fast as possible.

A quick tutorial goes over the controls, which are easy enough to master. Your bug can only move side to side or jump. To free the trapped bugs, you need to jump into the jars hard enough to smash them open.

It all sounds quite easy until you realize your bug can’t actually jump very far. Some of the bug filled jars are quite a distance away, so you quickly have to work out how to get to them before the bugs suffocate.

Different bugs can survive in the jars for different lengths of time, so prioritizing who you save first is important.

You need to guide Kungfu Bug around by hopping onto floating platforms or boxes and getting to the jars as quickly as possible. If you smash through all the jars before running out of time, you pass the level. The quicker you do it, the more stars you earn.

There are power-ups you can use to help you on your mission. You can buy yourself more time or use a special power-up to smash all of the jars open at once. You get a few power-ups for free to begin with, then have to pay for more with in-app purchases.

Playing Kungfu Bug2HD on the iPad was more fun than I expected it to be. It’s not the most engaging game, nor is it the most original, but I found myself wanting to keep playing.

It’s the type of game that’s perfect for when you have a few spare minutes. I also get the feeling it’s something kids would really enjoy.

You can get Kungfu Bug2HD for iPad for free in the App Store.