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Tell Others About Your Life Adventures And Get Inspired In Epiclist

January 21, 2014

Epiclist (Free) by Epic Peaks GmbH is a beautiful app for discovering the world through the eyes of others. If you’re looking into planning a trip for yourself soon, and want inspiration on what to do when you’re there, then this app can help you out.

I haven’t done a lot of traveling myself yet, but it’s always something I’m interested in. However, a bit limitation of that is money and time, as well as a lot of planning. When I came across this little app in the App Store, it definitely caught my eye.

The app features a beautiful, flat interface that is perfect on iOS 7, and it’s quite intuitive to use as well. The way the app is designed makes it pretty clear that the focus is on the experience and the content from other users, so you can basically see the entire world from their eyes and experience. Think of it as a peek into the travel journals of other people, who have volunteered to share their stories with you.

Currently, Epiclist will require you to have a Facebook account in order to use the app. They have certainly been getting flack for this in the iTunes reviews, but the developers have promised that more signup methods are coming very soon. If you do not use Facebook, I recommend keeping this one on your watch list for the time being. And if you do use Facebook, then this should be nothing new.

Once you are logged in, you will find yourself on the Discover screen. This is basically the “latest” stream from everyone who is using the app so far. You will find people’s newest entries, steps, and inspirations from others. Each of these entries will have a title, as well as a description of the experience. To top it off, Epiclist focuses on the visual, so there will always be a photo to go along with it. The reason for the mix of words and visuals is to help inspire you for your next big “journey,” because how else would you know what to expect when you’re there?

If you swipe from the left edge, or tap on the “hamburger” button, you reveal a side panel menu for navigating. The Featured section is split into two tabs: Featured and Suggested. The featured view will of course, view journeys and steps that are featured by the community. Suggested will be personal recommendations for you, which will be improved as you begin to plan out your own journey or become active in the app. These journeys can be added to your own list if you plan to embark on it yourself.

Before you can really get use out of Epiclist, you’ll probably want to create some journeys to get you started. To do this, just tap on the floating orange + button at the bottom, and select either a new step or journey.

For a new journey, you need to enter the title, choose whether it’s completed or not, and then add a photo and location to it. The photo can be imported from your library or a new capture, or you can do an Internet search for what you’re looking for. The journey can also get a note attached to it for a more in-depth description of what you want to get out of that trip.

Creating a new step is similar, where you just tell the app what you want to do there, whether it’s complete or not, and choose a journey for it to go in. Again, you can attach photos, location, and notes to the step as well. It will then end up as an entry in your journey, which will be shared with the community.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of journey, whether it’s an activity or place, Epiclist allows you to search as well. Just type in what you’re looking for, and results will pop up in real-time. Tap on these to view journeys from users, and peruse through for inspiration and ideas. You can “pulse up” or comment on steps by other users, and even add them as planned or completed in your own journey.

Since Epiclist is all about being social with others through the world, you’ll get notifications whenever someone pulses up or comments on your steps, as well as when someone adds one of your journeys to their collection.

I’m finding Epiclist to be a unique little app that should be great for those who are planning big trips in the future, and it’s just fantastic for seeing the world through others. I think it would be better if you had the ability to follow users you find inspiring. The Facebook-only requirement is also a big flaw of the app currently, but hopefully the developers implement more login options sooner rather than later.

I recommend giving a look at Epiclist if you need ideas for your next vacation or just inspiration for things to do at some point in your life, and don’t mind the current Facebook sign up. Otherwise, this is a good choice to keep on your watch list for more login methods.

You can find Epiclist in the App Store for your iPhone for free.

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