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Rhonna Designs
Rhonna Designs

Breathe Some Personality Into Your Photographs With Rhonna Designs

July 10, 2013

Rhonna Designs ($1.99) by Rhonna Farrer is a photo editing app that allows users to add inspiring text and designs to their photographs. It is similar to apps like Over.

This is the official app for Rhonna Farrer, who I didn’t know about until I discovered this gem. If you are a follower of her work, then you should not be surprised. The thing that drew me into this particular app was the design — it’s simply beautiful, and quite fitting now that I’ve checked out her work. If you want to add gorgeous designs and messages to your images, this is a great way to do it.

On launch, you will find yourself on the stunning main screen, which is filled with a beautiful animated backdrop of images that have been edited with Rhonna Designs. I really like this screen, as it is a great way to get some inspiration with what you can do with the app. There are two options for getting photos in: import from your device photo library, or snap a new capture. If you choose to import from the library, you will have access to all of your albums. Additionally, there’s a new one called “Rhonna Backgrounds,” which features nine different plain backdrops for you to add designs and text on.

When you have the image, you will need to adjust it to fit the square format used in the app. This is done with multitouch gestures like pinching to zoom and finger swipes to pan. When it’s cropped, you will then be on the editing screen, where you can add text or designs with the buttons. There are three font packs to choose from (Rhonna’s Faves, and Rhonna Fonts 1 and 2), and over 25 design packs. The design packs will have something for every occasion, like banners, birthday, chalk art, days, greetings, quotes, travel, and more. The possibilities are limitless with Rhonna Designs.

When adding text, after the font is chosen (you can change at any time), you can drag it around to change the placement, resize it with the handle in the corner, and change the color of the text (with customizable colors if the preset ones aren’t good enough). Users can add more than one text layer as well — unlimited layers of text can be added with a tap of the + button. When you’re done with words, tap on Done to save your progress.

I’d imagine that a lot more people would find the design packs to be a bit more fun than text, because I sure do. Plus, there are way more options to choose from! Tapping on the design packs button will show all of the packs in the side panel menu, where you can tap on the one you want. The various cutouts in the pack will show up in a row at the bottom, where you can scroll horizontally to view them all. Find one you like and tap on it, where it gets slapped onto to the photo. Just like text, they can be resized, rearranged, get their color changed, and users can add more than one.

When you’ve got your text and designs in place, there’s one more thing that can be done to turn your image into a work of art. Tapping on the “hamburger” button will bring up another side panel with options for either text or design, depending on what you are currently in. If you’re on the general image and tap on this button, you get options for starting over, re-cropping, filters, masking, and frames.

When you’re done, the Share button is at the bottom of the canvas options. You can email, post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, save to the Camera Roll, and other miscellaneous options. I am a bit surprised that there isn’t an “Open In…” option for editing in third-party apps, but I hope that the developer considers adding this in later.

Regardless, I found Rhonna Designs to be an alluring option for those who like to decorate their photographs with words of wisdom or cute patterns and the like. It has plenty of options for creating an infinite number of possibilities, and nothing will ever look alike due to so many choices.

You can find Rhonna Designs in the App Store as a universal download for $1.99.

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