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Tricky Circles
Tricky Circles

Connecting Dots Isn't So Easy In Tricky Circles

December 27, 2013

Tricky Circles (Free) by Dmitro Chalovskiy is a simple puzzle game that brings connecting dots to a whole new level, challenging you to think outside the box. It may appear to be friendly and approachable, but once you go beyond dipping your toes in, you will find that it is “tricky” indeed.

Each level contains a grid of randomly placed circles, each with a different number on them. This number represents the amount of circles away that it must be connected to. For example, a circle with a “2″ on it will connect to another one two circles away, or one with a “4″ on it will connect four circles away. There are also black circles, which count too, but cannot actually be connected to or from. You can only jump over these ones. To connect circles, simply drag a line between them. You can connect them vertically or horizontally, but vertical pathways are not permitted.

Of course, you will start off with some simpler levels, working your way up to seemingly impossible ones in due time. To help with the harder levels, there are hints available, which will reveal part of the sequence in which circles should be connected. The free download of Tricky Circles comes with three hints, along with the option to purchase more in increments of 10 for $0.99 each. Once you have completed all 21 of the included levels, 21 more can be unlocked for $0.99 as well.

It is not the most advanced puzzle game, but despite this, Tricky Circles is still quite challenging. The digits on each circle make finding the correct pathway difficult at times, requiring trial and error to complete levels. While the in-app purchases for hints may seem like a money grab, the $0.99 price for unlocking the rest of the game’s levels is worth it if you enjoy this type of puzzle game.

Tricky Circles is an iPhone game, available in the App Store for free.

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Tricky Circles
Tricky Circles
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