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TVShow Time, the app for TV show fans
TVShow Time, the app for TV show fans

Keep Track Of Your Favorite TV Shows And Socialize With Other Fans With TVShow Time

February 6, 2013

TVShow Time, the app for TV show fans (Free) by Toze Labs is an app that will become any television fan’s best friend. Think of it as your episode guide, like iTV Shows 2, but with a social aspect to it, like GetGlue (of course, minus those cool stickers!).

I am probably watching a lot more television than I should be. I can’t help it — there are just so many good shows out there! I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one in this boat too. Who doesn’t like having a great show to look forward to every week? But what about keeping track with it all, and even being social with other fans of the shows that you like? TVShow Time is here to help.

The first thing you will need to do with TVShow Time is to create an account. It’s pretty quick though, and if you have a Facebook account, you can just log in with that (even quicker if you hooked up native iOS Facebook integration).

Once you get all of that setup, then the app will prompt you to add some of your favorite shows from a list of what’s most popular. Find what you like, and tap on them to select it. The app will load up more shows once you reach the bottom of the list, and this can go on for quite a while. When you’re done selecting shows, make sure to save them. The next step will be to input your progress for each series. You can select the season you have reached (leave at the beginning if you haven’t started yet) with the first slider, and the episodes for that season with the second slider bar. When all of this data is saved, then you will be on the “My TVShow Time” view.

This will be like your dashboard for all of your television. You are able to see how many episodes you have left to watch (I have a huge list of over 100 episodes!) as well as the number of shows that you are following. The Agenda section makes it possible to see at a glance what upcoming episodes are coming this week. If you want a full agenda, you can tap on “see all agenda” to view stuff for tomorrow, soon, and later timeframes. You can also get a feed of “All news” on the My TVShow Time screen, which will keep you updated on the latest with TVShow Time — it’s a bit unnecessary for me, but it can also be a good discovery tool.

If you view the “Episodes To Watch,” you will get a complete list of available episodes that you have not yet seen. Tap on a series to view episode information (starts with first episode if you have not yet started a series).

The “My Shows” screen prominently displays your television shows on plastic looking shelves, complete with artwork. You can also get a list view, which is a bit more comprehensive with last air date and last watched information shown. If you have a larger collection, you can even search for a specific series by typing in the search box. To add more shows, give that + button a tap. You can even create lists to share with other users of the app, or even a private list for yourself. TVShow Time also gives users the option to filter out their shows by All, Late, Up to Date, Continuing, Ended, and Archived.

Whenever you view a series or an episode, you are able to see how the social aspect goes into play. Series will show how many fans follow the show on TVShow Time, and you can even like and see how many likes the show has received, as well as comments on the series as a whole. Episodes can be rated on a scale of Good, Fun, Wow, Sad, More, SoSo, and Bad. Users can also see how many of each rating an episode has received, so you can get an overall impression of what others thought of it, as well as through the comments.

If you are looking for new TV shows to follow, then the Explore (via the slide out side panel navigation menu) is a great way to find stuff. You will find a list of the most followed series, and you can filter out by category, and even by television series, web series, or lists. If you have friends who also use the app, you can find them by searching, or looking through your Facebook friends or contacts.

So far, I’m rather enjoying TVShow Time for the combination of episode guide and social networking with other fans. It’s also a great discovery tool if you are done with your current shows and want to find something new. The only thing that I don’t like is that the app seems a bit slow when you add a new show from the My Shows, because the newly added show will not show up right away. I had to quit out of the app and relaunch it for it to show up. Hopefully this can be improved in the future.

I recommend checking out TVShow Time if you are looking for a comprehensive episode tracker with some fun social aspects. This is a great little app for any TV junkie, and you have nothing to lose since it is completely free in the App Store for your iPhone.

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