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Seed Mail
Seed Mail

Is Seed Mail Better Than The Email App You're Using?

December 8, 2012

Seed Mail (Free) by Pingkit is an email app that allows you to easily manage your inbox and set reminders with its minimalistic design and gesture controlled interface.

While the functional, yet basic default email app does a great job of letting you manage all your email accounts, it doesn’t really offer anything special.

Other clients, including the recently updated Gmail, Sparrow, and Taskbox let you do more with your emails. Seed Mail now joins the list by trying to improve on the default experience.

When you first open Seed Mail, a quick guide goes through all the included features. Adding multiple accounts is as basic as it is on the default app. Once your accounts are connected, you can start exploring.

Your inbox is split into three main tabs. The first shows unread mail, the second shows everything, and the final one is the VIP area. You can add contacts to your VIP list so all of their emails are easily accessible.

Emails can be marked as read or unread with a swipe to the left. Swiping them to the right reveals star, reply, reminder, and delete buttons.

If you star an email it gets put into its own folder in the side panel. Setting a reminder also adds the email into a folder and means you’ll never forget to reply to an important email.

When reading an email, you can star, reply, or forward from the top bar. Dragging down lets you add a reminder.

Composing is similar to the default email client. The only major difference is you can attach photos to your email. You can access your reminders, starred emails, and extra settings in the side panel.

The design, sounds, and general feel of Seed Mail make it different to what I’ve become accustomed to with the default app, but it’s not so different that it becomes confusing.

The reminders and VIP features are implemented in a way that makes them worth using. Setting a reminder from an email takes very little effort and the whole experience is easy.

I’ve noticed a few spelling mistakes within the app, and I’ve been having trouble adding attachments or accessing my contacts. Once these issues are fixed, Seed Mail will be a great alternative to the default app.

It’s not quite as polished or fully featured as other third party apps like Sparrow, but is certainly worth trying if you’re looking for more than what you’ve been using since the iPhone first came out.

You can get Seed Mail for iPhone free in the App Store.

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