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Let The Water Flow Through Briquid

February 22, 2013

Briquid ($2.99) by Gamious is a physics-based puzzle game where you must build up and break down walls in order to win the game. Gravity follows no rules in this topsy-turvy adventure.

The goal of the game is to get water from one place to another. It is somewhat similar to the hugely popular Disney game Where’s My Water. However, there are no rubber duckies and no bathing alligators.

The game takes place on a grid with bricks and gaps filling every square. Players must either remove or add bricks in order to manipulate the water into its final destination. Each reservoir has a green dotted line around it so that players can distinguish it from the rest of the grid.

Some levels have mostly bricks that must be removed in order for the water to flow. Other levels are mostly gaps and players must add bricks in order to create a pathway for the water. To remove a brick, tap it. To add a brick, tap a blank spot on the grid. You can also change the gravitational direction of the water flow by tapping the arrows on any side of the grid.

Each puzzle only allows for a certain number of moves. Adding and removing a block each cost one move, plus changing the gravitational direction costs one move, as well. Most levels give players plenty of room for mistakes. However, sometimes, you’ll find yourself running out of moves before you’ve managed to get the water to its final destination.

This is a fun and interesting puzzle game that utilizes elements of a preexisting game without it being another copy in the genre. Each level offers a new and interesting challenge that is complex, but not impossible.

Fans of the genre will enjoy the subtle uniqueness of this physics-based game. The price is reasonable for the amount of puzzles you get. If you like Where’s My Water, this may look a lot different, but the similarities in gameplay will make you feel right at home.

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