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Organize Your World Into Categories With Sortee

January 31, 2013

Sortee (Free) by Flow Studio is a puzzle game that’s all about sorting things into categories.

It sounds like quite a strange concept for a game, as sorting is usually seen as a chore. I’m not sure how many people look forward to organizing their files, laundry, or anything else.

Sortee gets you to organize various types of objects into different tubes. As you progress, new challenges appear to keep things interesting.

Could Sortee possibly turn a boring everyday task into something fun?

Sortee is clearly a well designed app. The sound, graphics, and menus are all put together perfectly.

The gameplay is actually surprisingly fun too. Each level presents you with a different set of categories, like plastic, metal, or organic material. You then have to swipe items into the correct categories. Once you get through the first few levels, things become more interesting.

The sorting tubes can swap places, two items can appear at once, and there are even situations like earthquakes or sandstorms that you have to play through. Cacti that need to be swiped away with two fingers can sometimes appear too, just to keep things interesting. If you take too long deciding on where to put items, or put too many in the wrong tubes, you’ll fail the level.

All of this means you need to stay focused in order to get anywhere with Sortee. It’s not the most intense game, but still requires your full attention.

Because Sortee was surprisingly fun to play and so well put together, I would definitely recommend downloading it. Although the game continued to get more exciting as I progressed, I still got the feeling that it would start to feel repetitive eventually.

The app itself is free, but after getting through the first 11 levels, you have to spend $0.99 on an in-app purchase to unlock 40 more.

You can get Sortee for both the iPhone and iPad free in the App Store.

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