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Abductor Pro
Abductor Pro

Abduct Earthlings Like A Pro In Abductor Pro

December 7, 2013

Abductor Pro ($2.99) by Delicious Toys is an arcade shoot 'em up game that involves blocky 3-D graphics and aliens. What better way is there to spend your weekend than by abducting innocent humans?

Like in a typical video game involving aliens, it is your job to abduct humans from various planets. Why, you may ask? You are an alien, and this is what they do on their spare time. Also, there are many unpopulated planets, and populating them with Earth's people seems beneficial, right?

Throughout each of Abductor Pro's various environments, there are certain types of humans that should and should not be abducted. This is because only certain types can survive on the unpopulated planets. By tilting your device to aim and tapping on the “BEAM” button or the bottom right corner of the screen, you must correctly identify humans that are to be taken and abduct them. Keep in mind that you must do this while your spaceship moves, with its direction changing in each level.

For each stage, there are different criteria for abducting humans. Quite simply, you will be told which humans should or should not be abducted before playing, and it is your responsibility to remember this information. To pass a level, you must abduct at least five of each type of human that you were told. However, even one accidental beam of the wrong type will earn you the “STUPID!” label, and will cost you one of your three lives.

Every few levels that you complete will earn you a star, which can be used toward unlocking future planets, presenting new environments. With this comes more challenge. There are also cherries that can be found by beaming up the “king” human in a level, which can be redeemed to unlock more earthlings.

If you are into role playing games involving the human abduction of aliens, Abductor Pro should provide you with a lot of entertainment just as it did for myself. To give Abductor Pro a shot, find it in the App Store as a $2.99 universal download.

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