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Let Your Inner Daredevil Fly In AirRace SkyBox Free

February 15, 2013

AirRace SkyBox Free (Free) by Dream-Up tests your daredevil skills as you pilot a stunt plane through an obstacle course.

Flying is performed by tilting your iDevice. Four stunt maneuver buttons occupy each corner of the screen. As you near an obstacle, the appropriate button will light up. Simply tap it while passing through the obstacle to score points.

As you move through each level the difficulty increases by adding more obstacles and arranging them closer together.

Two vantage modes are available: third person or first person. Typically I find that playing flying games in third person gives a better view of the level and makes it easier to anticipate what’s coming next, such as in After Burner Climax or Air Wings. However, I must say that the first person mode is really good.

I didn’t find any adverse affect to playing while viewing the level from the cockpit. Probably the only fault I found was getting a little queasy doing a barrel roll.

The game is universal, though I found that playing on the iPhone offered a great deal of control. Once I dialed in on the optimal way to hold my iPhone securely, the game became much more fun. I imagine playing on the iPad mini would be the next best choice.

While the game is great, unfortunately some of the interest is lost in not being able to see the text and scores clearly. Everything is shown as a small font, and worse yet, they are all dark on a dark background. I had no idea how well I scored after completing a level.

This is a fun game that gradually increases in difficulty. An advertisement banner appears throughout the game, though I didn’t find it distracting enough while playing.

The text could use an update to become more legible, but that’s not enough to deter someone from trying it out.

Zoom over to the App Store to check it out.

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